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Video Production

This full-service solution takes your idea from the paper to the screen, in one simple process that handles everything for you: writing the script, casting actors, shooting, editing, etc.


An efficient and affordable option with all the basics you need to make great video content on a budget: camera, lights, sound recording and talented crew.


Make your story cinematic with meaningful and first-class motion pictures that captivate your viewers’ hearts and elevate the production value of your project to the skies.

Video Editing

A superior post-production solution to give your content a solid structure, dynamic rhythms and a seamless flow into incredible storytelling.

-Available worldwide remotely-

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Hello! សួស្តី Hola!​

We are a team specialized in video production and filmmaking based in Cambodia, providing professional storytelling services to both international and local brands, ad agencies, media networks and nonprofits since 2012.

Our experience includes critically-acclaimed work such as Cambodia’s official contender for the 2020 Oscars®.
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David D. Rivera

Production Supervisor
Cinematographer / Videographer
David is a Latin-American filmmaker highly experienced in cinematography and videography. He also holds an MFA in Film Production.

Sopheak Moeurn

General Manager
1st AD / Film Fixer
Sopheak is a seasoned bilingual 1st AD and film fixer with dozens of commercials under her belt, as well as documentaries and narratives.

Kim Keav

Sales Rep.
Kim has a solid background in sales, from real estate to media, where she is passionate about client relationships.

Nhor Pu

1st AC / Operator
Nhor is a talented steadicam operator and 1st assistant camera with considerable knowledge on digital cinema cameras and stabilizers.

Ratana Bun

1st / 2nd AC
Ratana is a skilled and hardworking assistant camera who ensures the gear works properly and images are in focus.

Heng Sok

Assistant Editor
Heng is a junior editor who organizes media and prepares it for the assembly. Works with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere.
Hours Worked
Contributions to
"Best Film" Recognitions

MFA in Film Production
(Chapman University / USA)

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Some things you might like to know.

Yes, we are.

Our Post-production and Consulting services are available worldwide remotely. Our Shooting solutions (e.g. cinematography) are mainly available in Cambodia.

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Please, fill out the form below with your name, contact details and brief information about your project. We will get back to you asap.

Currently, we accept payments in US dollar via established and secure third-party transfer services: wire (Swift), Xoom (by PayPal), MoneyGram, WesternUnion, Skrill and Payoneer.

We never handle your payment details directly (e.g. credit card number).

For most services, the payment schedule is: 50% upon booking and 50% upon delivery.

Please, note that all processing and currency conversion fees shall be covered by the Client.

Part of the reason why you are considering hiring our services is because you have watched our work.

Therefore, you understand why we respectfully decline any project that forbids us to show our credits and/or work for personal, non-commercial purposes later on, for example, in our portfolio.

We do, however, refrain from showing your work until it has premiered and we also discourage search engines from competing with your videos on our sites and, of course, we never monetize your work.

If your project has monetization purposes (e.g. a movie or show), we will never post the entire piece, only a small representative sample.

Under no circumstances do we accept work as “ghost” creatives.

Unfortunately, no.

In our opinion, this would be the equivalent of telling a doctor what instruments and nurses s/he may use during a surgery… results might not turn out pleasing. Thus, we appreciate your understanding.

But don’t worry, whether you’re going for quality or budget, our choices will always aim at your goal.

No unpaid “collabs” or “opportunities” for now. Thank you.